About Us
Alvin and Anita Woodruff bought Watonga Motel in 1993.  Here is a little history about this unique building.
The Watonga Motel was built in 1980 by former Geary Motel owners Paul and Virginia Cudd. Their experience running the Geary Motel led them to build The Watonga Motel with fewer more spacious rooms. Each room was built with a dining area that includes a large bay window providing lots of sunlight and a view outdoors.
Virginia said that Paul liked to have plenty of mirrors in the rooms so each room had a large vanity mirror, a mirror on the sliding glass shower door, and a framed mirror hanging in the living area. Virginia said that when they opened up for business in 1980, that the reservation book was already full of names. She said that she prayed to God for good helpers, so that when God sent people to help Virginia clean, she took good care of them.

In 1986 the Cudd’s sold the motel to Glen and Marilyn Biggs. The girls who helped Marilyn clean say that she was just as picky about clean rooms as Virginia was. Marilyn would give the rooms the ‘white glove’ test every day. In fact, when Marilyn came back to Watonga to visit in 1995, she asked the present owners if she could look at the rooms to see if they were being kept clean. Glen and Marilyn would operate the business for six years before selling the motel to John and Jane Romine in 1992.

In February, 1993, Alvin Woodruff began working in Watonga for the OSU Extension office. He stayed at the motel and heard the owners talk about selling the place. So in November of that year, Alvin and Anita Woodruff bought the motel and have been running the business ever since. Alvin and Anita Woodruff were dairy farmers first in Alfalfa then later in Oil Center before coming to Watonga in 1993.

Running the motel has allowed the Woodruffs to cross paths with many interesting people from across the world. Anita said that she could fill a book with all of the interesting stories she has heard from listening to so many of her guests.

Since 1993 Alvin and Anita have made many improvements to the motel. The rooms now feature pillow-top mattresses, 27” flat screen televisions and Direct TV.

 In 2006, Watonga Motel bought the Coach Inn just across the street adding 20 more rooms to the 13 rooms across the street. A great deal of remodeling has been done on these “south-side” rooms including new carpet, beds, doors, new heat/air units, as well as new paint and wallpaper. The Woodruff’s invite anyone to stop by and see their rooms!


Events around Watonga
Saturday, July 11, 2015
Liberty Theatre concert at 7 pm
The Vogts Sisters




On April 1, 2010, Alvin and Anita bought The Noble House Restaurant - Bed & Breakfast.  This building was built in 1912 as a boarding house and doubled in size in 1937 when it became a hotel. Dr. Fred R. and Joyce Lucas acquired the building in 1992.  A fine restaurant is downstairs and 5 1/2 rooms were completed in May of 2004.